Thursday, February 17, 2011

Xenomorph - Demagoguery of the Obscurants (2007)

Absolutely one of my favorite CD's ever. This I found randomly in a blog in 2007 and it got me into psytrance and darkpsy. The government / conspiracy element makes it unique and all the more creepy.

I find this to be the lease repetitive dark psytrance I know of.


Capitalist Infiltration:

Hope you like it, its one of my favorites.



1. Prognosis

2. Capitalist Infiltration

3. Enslavement by consumption

4. Totalitarian Democracy

5. Secret satanic hierarchy

6. Harbingers of extinction

7. Economic Sabotage

8. Cataclysmic Downfall

9. World War 3

11. Nuclear Winter

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  1. i thought that was a game at first sight.

  2. awesome post man! good idea as well posting a hot woman as your avatar [= if i did that instead of posting my ugly mug i probably would get a lot more returns/hits :D

    following. get back at me

  3. Loving the intense sound of the bass! There's so many awesome layers!